City Heat 1: Lynda's Lace
By Angel
Aug 7, 2006 - 3:51:00 PM

Lynda has watched Jordan from the window of her shop in the French Quarter since he moved in.  He owns a business across the way from hers that specializes in spy equipment.  Lynda would love to take a look at everything he has to offer, but thinks a man like Jordan wouldn’t take a second look at her.  She has no clue how wrong she is until Jordan makes a move.

Jordan has also been watching Lynda from his shop and can’t get her off of his mind.  He knows just what she needs and intends to give it to her.  Will a couple of intense encounters be enough to quench their thirst or will they find themselves wanting more than just a fling?  Jordan must prove to Lynda that they are perfect together and can make a relationship work.


LYNDA’S LACE is the first book in the CITY HEAT series and is certain to keep readers entertained.  Lynda is feisty with plenty of spark to make Jordan happy.  Jordan on the other hand is the man with the plan and enough tricks up his sleeve to catch the woman of his dreams.  The love scenes are smoldering with steam enough to fog up your computer screens.  Lacey Alexander knows how to weave a tale of intrigue and romance that will leave readers wanting more and waiting for the next book in the CITY HEAT series.

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