City Life
By Lacey
Aug 5, 2007 - 10:54:31 AM

Kristina is a “high-flyer” trying to make her way up in the business world. Working for a prestigious brokerage firm in London, she has few financial limitations, yet no excitement in her life. That is until her boss gives her a short amount of time to come up with a brilliant idea for a client.

Having no clue what to do, Kristina seeks help. She has a small group that she works with, but no ideas are brilliant enough to push forward with. That is until the mysterious James comes into the picture.


James knows what Kristina needs. Sending her an e-mail, he gives her the brilliant idea, saving her job in the process. His help doesn’t come cheap though. Now Kristina’s indebted to him, and the allure of how he may collect is nothing but intriguing.


CITY LIFE is about a corporate woman finding her way in the business world. Set in London, Kristina embarks on a mission for the company and slowly discovers hidden truths about herself she didn’t know. I enjoyed Dominique LeSelles inventive perspective of one woman’s journey and her average daily life working for a high-power business. CITY LIFE should not be missed.

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