Claimed for the Master's Pleasure
By Suzie Housley
May 23, 2012 - 5:35:09 AM

When Lia Constatine’s fiancée died she thought her heart couldn’t hurt any more, and then she suffers another loss with her father’s sudden death.  With her father’s death she learns that he was deep in debt to casino owner Jake Benetti.  She feared the debts he left behind would rob her of her inheritance and home. 

Jake felt his life has ended the day he lost his wife three years prior.   With her death, he focused his energy managing the Arabian Nights Casino.  When Jake meets Lia Constatine, her beauty takes his breath away.  For the first time since his wife’s death, he is able to feel an emotion other than sadness. 

Lia feels that if Jake will hear her dilemma she might convince him to not call in the one million dollar debt her father owned.  Jake knows that he must keep Lia in his life until he figures out exactly where she belongs.  He makes her a proposition to possess her body in both mind and soul.  Will Lia agree to prostitute herself for the amount of the debt? 

Jan Bowles GUILTY PLEASURE SERIES has been one series that has highly impressed this reviewer.  Each story can easily stand on its own merit, but combined together produce one sizzling combustible reaction.  CLAIMED FOR THE MASTER’S PLEASURE is yet another wonderful BDSM offering that Jan Bowles’ talented pen makes a strong impression in her readers mind.  To say that this reader is in love with her writing style is an understatement. 

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