The Debtors Daughter: Bk 3 - Claiming Charity
By jhayboy
Jan 23, 2009 - 5:56:07 PM

Charity, the third sister is frustrated, unhappy and caught - trapped in a cabin awaiting the bodyguards who are to ensure she turns up for the wedding she didn’t want - on time. When she gets a glimpse of the brothers hired to keep her secure – she starts planning how to make her time with them as exciting as possible.



Dev and Doug James are just doing there job, however when they get the details of the job, they take matters into their own hands and it’s with no regret that they guard Charity to the letter of the contract.


Spending the few days she has left as a free woman with the delectable James brothers has Charity experiencing emotions she has never felt before. Once she acknowledges these feelings, she knows she has to make every attempt to hold onto it.


CLAIMING CHARITY is the third in Lacey Thorn’s DEBTORS DAUGHTER SERIES, Charity is at the end of her tethers about what to do, how to escape or how to justify what is happening to her. When she gets her way with the James brothers – she gets more that she bargains for.


Doug and Dev are not only ready to do the right thing by Charity to make her happy, but are willing to make Charity’s dream come through in every way possible.


Lacey Thorn has once again worked her magic with this series. CLAIMING CHARITY can be read as a stand alone book, with Ms. Thorn giving just enough info for new readers to catch up plus she has a way of dropping enough information about future books for readers to be eagerly anticipating the next story in this series.

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