Claiming His Love Child

Author: Sandra Marton

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: April 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Sandra Marton's latest story, CLAIMING HIS LOVE CHILD, is the newest book in Marton's O'Connell family series. This book features two stellar characters, Cullen O'Connell and Marissa Perez, and an intriguing storyline that questions how far lust can go in a new relationship before love takes over the heart. Cullen didn't know that when he went back to his college alma mater, the
University of California at Berkeley, that he would find the love of his life, or that he would lose her so quickly. Marissa and Cullen spend one wonderful night together, a night neither can forget, but that has consequences neither of them dreamed of.

Cullen finally heads back to California only to discover that Marissa, a very promising law student with a great future ahead of her, has mysteriously dropped out of school, without any apparent reason. He tracks her down only to discover that she is pregnant with his child. From this point on the story takes on all the dramatic qualities of a great romance: lots of sexual tension, great chemistry, learning about each other, and the romance and courtship that occur when a shot gun wedding turns into true love.


Cullen and Marissa were extremely likable characters, who were each very independent. Though they both sensed the quickly burgeoning love between themselves, they also were fearful of being rejected. Marissa fears of never fitting in with Cullen's lifestyle and Cullen fears an unhappy union, which led both the characters to make snap judgments about each other. This book is a wonderful story of love that transcends class distinctions and ethnic origins. Marton's sensual writing and wonderful settings lead to a very engaging read about true love O'Connell style. CLAIMING HIS LOVE CHILD is a great story that will leave the reader eagerly anticipating the next story in the O'Connell series.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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