Claiming Kate
By Sarah W
Jul 1, 2007 - 8:44:47 AM

Kate Appleton has been best friends with Mason Cooper for twenty years. Only recently, sixteen months ago to be exact, they took their friendship to a new level when Mason unexpectedly but wonderfully kissed her. There has been no going back since and neither wants to, or at least, Kate does not. Mason, she is not so sure about. He does not tell her he loves her, he has been working a lot more lately, and worst of all, does not seem to mind when his cousin flirts with Kate. Does Mason still want to marry her?

While Mason may be an easy going guy, he is not going to let his cousin get away with flirting and touching Kate. No way, no how. Mason loves Kate and he sets out to prove to her just how much. She is his best friend, lover, and perfect woman rolled into one. He is going to fight for her.


Pounding emotions and sensual love scenes make CLAIMING KATE a winner! Kate and Mason have danced around their feelings for too long and with the pressures of their wedding, things just keep getting worse. The gap is growing but Mason is going to bridge it forever by showing Kate how much he loves her. I admit, I loved his possessiveness and domineering ways. It was not over the top, but it was also the perfect way to convince Kate that she is all he needs. Kate is very surprised by this new side of Mason, but to her, it is just another side to love and explore. Happily, these two find a way to make things right leading to a romantic and lovely ending.

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