Claire Knows Best: A Claire Everett Novel, Book 2
By Sherri Myers
Jun 10, 2006 - 9:43:00 PM

Single mom Claire Everett thought she finally had all her ducks in a row--that is, until one got tired of playing follow the leader and went off on his own.  Of course, all the rest followed suit and her life quickly turned into a chaotic nightmare. 

It all started when Claire's writing career took a nosedive after her editor decided to become a stay-at-home mommy and the new male editor didn't like her switching genres.  After all, she already had a loyal following of romance readers, right, so why write something different?  Then a huge tree damages the top level of the house during a tornado, and Claire's daughter starts sneaking out to meet friends after dark.  Adding insult to injury, her new boyfriend, Greg, suddenly announces his calling to the ministry. 


Claire breaks off her relationship with Greg when she admits to not being cut out to be a pastor's wife.  Then she begins having panic attacks again, and knows she must take drastic action and get a grip on her life.  Stressed-out and totally agitated, Claire decides to hire a life coach to help her straighten it all out.  But will it help or only make matters even worse?


CLAIRE KNOWS BEST is the second Claire Everett novel, and as such, readers should read the first book, LEAVE IT TO CLAIRE, in order to grasp the story fully.  I have really enjoyed seeing Claire evolve from an insecure hermit whose kids had to fend for themselves into a woman who learned to handle life's unexpected downturns with faith, dignity, and grace.  Many women with children will be able to identify with Claire, and her hectic lifestyle is mirrored in many households today.  I am eagerly awaiting the release of the third book in this series, I LOVE CLAIRE, which is coming out in January, 2007.  

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