Armed and Dangerous, Book 4: Clay

Author: Cheyenne McCray

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Release Date: April 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Rylie Thorn is not a prude, nor is she hung up about sex.  She loves men – how they smell and how they taste.  She loves being with them – but not being with them forever.  Growing up was hard on Rylie – she’s seen what happens to families when there aren’t two committed parents, and she is not willing to sacrifice anything on the whim of a man.  Because of this, Rylie knows that loving someone forever is just not in her makeup – loving them for the ‘right now’ is more her style.  And then she locks horns with Sheriff Clay Wayland.

Clay Wayland is the sheriff of Cochise County.  Investigating a lead at night, he runs into a stunningly beautiful woman doing her own field work.  From the first words between them, Clay wants her – now all he has to do is tame this little woman and she can be his – he has no idea what he has just signed up for.  The more he uncovers about Rylie in the bedroom as well as her secrets, the more he falls in love with her.  Getting her to trust him is the key, and Clay is willing to go the extra mile to make Rylie see how he feels about her – quite erotically I might add!


There is nothing better than an erotic western romance.  From the tips of Clay’s cowboy boots to the top of his cowboy hat, he is a prime specimen of a man and there is nothing I didn’t like about him.  He was dominant and made it almost his life’s purpose to tame Rylie and keep her with him forever.  Rylie is a tougher character to crack – she is beautiful and knows what she wants out of life.  And she does want Clay – her fears keep her from reaching for forever and I loved watching her fall in love and take a chance on Clay. 


Stunning and passionate, erotic and enticing, CLAY is one heck of a read!  Make sure you have a fan, bottles of water, and maybe a hankie because the heat sizzling between the pages of this novel will leave you breathless!



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie S.

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