Clearing the Aisle
By Brooke Wills
Jul 22, 2004 - 4:40:00 PM

From the moment Rachel Silverstein laid eyes on Dan Gershon she knew he was the love of her life. And now, five years later, they are engaged to be married. The planning countdown begins and Rachel is looking forward to getting ready for her 'big day'.

Little did she know her family would instantly have personality changes right before her very eyes. Her father suddenly becomes a budget-crazed dictator, her stepmother turns into the dreaded "step-mother-witch", and her flighty maternal parent is even more scattered than normally. Who knew her future in-laws weren't quite the perfect people they once seemed as they too get involved in the wedding planning.

Then there is dress shopping, menu-planning, invitation selection, and a host of other chores that have Rachel wondering if the whole world has gone nuts. It can't be just her! And where is Dan throughout this madness? Will he ever be there to rescue his future wife before she throws up her hands in despair?

CLEARING THE AISLE is the debut novel by Karen Schwartz. It is wonderfully funny, and will have you remembering the traumas endured during your own wedding preparations. Rachel and Dan are well-developed characters and the story moves along at a rapid pace. It is definitely a book you will want to keep on your bookshelf and pull out time and again whenever you need a smile or laugh.

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