Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind
By Angel
Jun 21, 2007 - 12:04:17 PM

Mala comes from a world where there are no men, so robots are made and used specifically for companionship.   Mala has heard tales that a world exists where real men are plentiful and she decides to take a trip and see for herself.   She lands in Texas and the first man she comes across is Mason.   Mason thinks that she’s human and offers his home until she can remember where she came from, but Mala has other things in mind.

Sheriff Mason McKinley is investigating a so called alien landing when he finds Mala.   He believes she has amnesia and is determined to keep her safe until she regains her memory and figures out who she is.   Mala is unlike any woman he’s ever known and before he knows it finds himself with a load of sex toys, which Mala has unwittingly ordered for her pleasure.   Who is this woman and where did she come from?


Funny does not even begin to describe this hilarious tale of space travel, adventure and sensual encounters.   Mala knows nothing about Earth and her insights into our culture will have you holding your sides to keep them from splitting.   Mason is the innocent in all of this since he is completely oblivious to the fact that Mala really is an alien.   Mason is hotter than hot and shows Mala there is no substitute for a real live man.   Karen Kelley is a terrific writer and has penned an extraordinary tale that readers will keep and pull out again and again.   I highly recommend CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE SEXY KIND and give kudos to Karen Kelley for a story well done.

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