Close to You
By Michele
Apr 1, 2007 - 7:45:00 AM

C.J. Ludzecky, a secret service agent for 6 years, has just acquired the best job of her career. She protects the Vice President's wife, Bailey O'Neil. An unfortunate incident has just occurred in Bailey's family. Her father, Mr. O'Neil, had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. C.J. and three additional secret service agents secure the hospital to protect the family. Bailey's whole family is gathered at the hospital waiting for news concerning their father. Trained to stay emotionally detached, C.J. is secretly attracted to the caring family. Aidan, Bailey's sexy, blue eyed, raven-haired brother, particularly fascinates C.J.

Aidan drops by his parent's home to discuss with his father about leaving the family business. He apprehensively tells his father about his dream of becoming a professional photographer. Aidan's father argues with him over his career choice. Without warning, his father has a heart attack. Aidan feels that he is the reason why his dad is in the hospital. While in the hospital with the rest of his family, Aidan spies a lovely, blonde woman standing close to his sister, Bailey. Bailey introduces C.J. and the other agents to her family. Aidan is surprised to learn that such a lovely woman is a secret service agent!

Mr. O'Neil has bypass surgery on his heart. After being released from the hospital, Mr. O'Neil's doctor orders him to rest for several weeks. The O'Neil family decides to vacation at their lake cottage. The secret service agents secure the property and cottage to ensure the family’s safety. There is a station set up in the lower level of the house for the secret service agents’ comfort while the family is there.

Bailey specifically requests that C.J. be assigned as part of the protection detail while the family is at the cottage. C.J. adores protecting Bailey and her children although she constantly has to suppress her emotions on the job. C.J. did not realize that Bailey's brother Aidan would also be at the cottage. Being in close contact with such an attractive man as Aidan is a constant distraction. C.J. worries that this distraction might hinder her ability to diligently perform her job. Every time Aidan is near her, C.J. feels waves of desire come over her, making it hard for her to suppress her emotions.

Aidan secretly desires to run his fingers through C.J. Ludzecky’s, exquisite blonde tresses. He knows that if he can melt C.J.’s stone cold resolve, they might just have a chance together. Aidan must find a way to be alone with her so he can seduce her.

C.J. has worked very hard to get where she is at in her career. She has doubts about whether or not she should submit to Aidan. Her career could be tarnished if it became known that she is having a dalliance with her protectee's brother. Will C.J. and Aidan come to the realization that they are passionately in love with one another? Most importantly, will they find a way to make their relationship work?

Kathryn Shay has produced an amazing novel of suspense, passion, and complex relationships. CLOSE TO YOU is a detailed novel of living life under the protection of secret service agents. Shay weaves a beautiful love story between one of the secret service agents and the brother of the Vice President’s wife. The attraction between Aidan and C.J. is undeniable. I loved the building passion simmering just below the surface between the two main characters. The author’s description of undeniable desires has an edgy style to it that makes it hard to resist. The risky plot is intoxicating. I could not read fast enough to satisfy my urge to see if the two main characters would get together. Walk, no run, out to the store, and buy this supremely satisfying novel. You will not be disappointed.

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