Close to the Edge

Author: Kylie Brant

Publisher: Silhouette Intimate Moments

Release Date: January 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Lucky Boucher is a man all women want. With black hair that brushes his collar, a wicked grin that instantly melts a woman's knees and his outlandish t-shirts, this bad boy looks like a fallen angel looking to ravish the earth's female population. There is only one woman Lucky has kept his hands off of though, his boss Jacey Wheeler. Lucky has been with Jacey since she first opened the doors. He proved to her that she needed him around by solving her cases and they have formed a great team.

Jacey Wheeler is a woman who has it all, money, good looks, and a brain to boot. But living the life of a social butterfly is not the lifestyle for her. Jacey wanted more, so she opened her own private investigations business and much to her mother's disapproval, set out to do what made her happy.


When a new case lands in Jacey's lap, she is going to need Lucky's help to solve it. Not only do they have to check out members of a high society family, but they have to avoid a local thug who wants his hands on the information they are gathering. To top it all off, Jacey's boyfriend is getting married and didn't bother to tell her that they wouldn't be getting back together after their 'separation period'. Jacey needs Lucky more than ever to help her save face among the peers, keep her mother off her back and squelch the desire she has for him.

The pages burn up when Jacey and Lucky get together. When they aren't solving a case they are exploring each other. But secrets from the past can ruin it all. Will the love that Lucky and Jacey have survive the past that haunts and the present that is looking to destroy them?

This scorching story is sure to heat up your New Year. Filled with suspense, family conflict and a burning passion, Kylie Brant's new story is a must have. Lucky is a man who values family, friends and the woman he loves and you will instantly fall in love with him. Jacey is a woman who you instantly respect because she stands up for herself and doesn't let anyone push her around. CLOSE TO THE EDGE is an amazing story that will capture you until the very end. Before you know it you will be turning the last page and sighing in satisfaction.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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