Closely Held Secrets
By Nickie Langdon
Oct 1, 2005 - 7:19:00 PM

Trisha is out of her normal element.  She's in a bar where the music is loud and the beat a rhythmic thumping.  Its evident that she's looking for something or someone.  She finds him.  He's handsome, tall and blond with eyes the color of the blue sky.  Even though someone else is trying to put the make on him, Trisha saunters to the bar and stands beside him.  After a cursory talk about the hot night, he invites her to dance with him.

Will Jacobson spies her and their eyes meet.  The woman with her red hair and green eyes standing alone is what he wants and what he will have.  She joins him at the bar and he asks her to dance.  He feels a long night of heat between them about to happen, but not necessarily in the bar.


The cursory introductions are made and comments turn to the heat and crush of the crowd.  Will suggests someplace where it isn't as hot.  Trisha follows him to a Thai place where they have iced coffee and chat.  When she finishes her drink, she stands up and suggests they leave.

What follows is Trisha's journey into submission with a man she's just met.  She's not too sure this is what she wants, but Will works with her and tempers her initiation.

CLOSELY HELD SECRETS is a book you do not want to miss.  Claire Thompson is at her best and leaves you totally speechless by the time you finish this one.  The final twist will...well, read it and find out.  It's a keeper!

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