Closer To You: Lee
By Angel
Dec 6, 2008 - 8:04:31 PM

Lee Drace has wanted Cherise Roberts since his brother married her sister.  Of course Cherise has her standards and doesn’t want to date a playboy like Lee.  Lee always goes after what he wants and even though it takes him a while to admit it, he knows he wants Cherise.  Thing is she is putting up one hell of a fight and is intent on keeping him away from her.

Cherise Roberts has been attracted to Lee since she met him.  However, she is not going to give in to those feelings because she knows that he could never be interested in a woman like her for more than a fling.  Lee is not giving up and giving him the cold shoulder isn’t working either.  If Cherise isn’t careful she could wind up with a broken heart.


CLOSER TO YOU: LEE is the story of Lee and Cherise and has been playing out since the first Drace brother’s story.  The tension has always been there between Lee and Cherise and some of us readers have waited eagerly for their tale.  Cherise is a spunky character and wins readers over from page one.  Lee has to be given credit for his unshakeable determination to make Cherise his own.  Love scenes are chock full of passion and hot enough to steam the screen.  Marie Rochelle has a knack for creating stories that readers will love.

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