Club de Sade

Author: Claire Thompson

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: July 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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The job should have been hers.  But, no, she was passed over and the job given to an incompetent man who knows absolutely nothing about what he's supposed to be doing in it.  The man steals her ideas, imposes impossible deadlines and then changes things in midstream.  Carly Stevens has had enough.  When he accuses her of making him look like an idiot, she reaches her boiling point and tells him off.  He tells her she's fired and she tells him he's too late, she's quit.

Her friend, Eva, convinces her to apply for a position at Club de Sade as a professional Dominatrix.  Carly hasn't a clue what that entails, but, with rent due and no job, what the heck.  She's hired right away for the position.  Anthony takes her on a tour of the facility and explains that she'll get walk-ins until she can build up her own list of clients.

Carly is still very uncomfortable since she's clueless what a professional Domme is supposed to do.  She goes shopping for a wardrobe and asks a sales girl to help her choose the right clothes for the job.  She also asks about lessons and finds a listing for a seminar she feels will help her.  She contacts the lecturer and gets herself a spot.  Not only does she watch and learn, she's being watched.

Jesse Hernandez watches the new girl in the group while he gives his talk and shows the proper way to use a whip.  Something intrigues him about this girl and he sets his sights on her.

Jesse and Carly begin to see one another.  He convinces her to let him teach her things about herself she never knew-or would acknowledge.  Jesse believes that she is a submissive deep down inside and doesn't want to admit it.

Claire Thompson has written a wonderful story about a young girl who agrees to take on a job she knows nothing about but will change her whole life.  I found myself cheering Carly on as she progressed in her life as a Domme.  She's at a loss for words when she learns her ex-boss is to be her client.  Not only does Carly learn something about herself working at CLUB de SADE, she allows Jesse to take her on her own journey into the world of submission.  There are some rough spots along the way, including a murder.  It doesn't look good for Carly and she depends on Jesse for help.  You will not be disappointed.  I think this is Claire's best story to date.  I hope she'll continue to add a little suspense in her stories.

If you're over eighteen and love discovering new and different aspects of the D/s world; you'll love this one.  I highly recommend it and it will go on my keeper shelf.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudia McRay

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