Clutch Me if You Can
By Terri
May 1, 2007 - 12:00:00 AM

Sarah Lyons is going to a birthday party for her boss dressed as a woman of the streets when she runs into the man of her dreams. She is hurt when he turns her down when she offers to exchange phone numbers and insurance information. She gets really peed off when he thinks she is a hooker. That’s all she needs. Being a preacher’s daughter she doesn’t need anything like this getting out. After her accident with the motorcycle she decides she doesn’t need all the fancy clothes she just needs to be herself. Sarah changes her clothes and goes to the party as herself instead of what her boss wanted her to look like. While she is there she is rescued by the man on the motorcycle, Jake.

Jake Reynolds is only in town for a business meeting when he is hit from behind by a car. Driving the car is a woman who looks like she makes a living as a hooker. Seeing as there is no damage to his motorcycle and her car Jake just wants to go find something to eat. The lady wants to exchange phone numbers but Jake wants to get away from her. As he is driving away he remembered her green eyes. There is something about the woman that made Jake remember her. Jake is sitting in the restaurant waiting for his business client when he notices a party was going on. Could this be the party the hooker mentioned? If it was where is she? Suddenly a woman walks in who looks familiar. Where has he seen her before?

After the party breaks up Jake walks up the woman, whom he now knows as Sarah, and helps her get three men away from her. Jake thinks he knows her from somewhere but where? Sarah can’t believe that the motorcycle driver is sitting right in front of her. She wants to tell him that she is the one that hit him earlier but doesn’t know how. Jake and Sarah hit it off from the start and agree to meet again when Jake is in town. Can Sarah and Jake find happiness?

Rochelle Rae Hensler has written a fantastic book. I enjoyed reading CLUTCH ME IF YOU CAN and didn’t want to put it down. Jake and Sarah have a lot of chemistry and they care for each other but Sarah needs to tell Jake the secret that she is holding back. I loved the way that Ms. Hensler brings her characters to life and make you smile when funny things are happening. I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves a book that will melt your heart. Thank you Ms. Hensler for a great book, and I will be looking forward to reading more in the future.

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