Coaches' Wives
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 9, 2007 - 6:48:00 PM

If you’ve ever been to a youth soccer game you’ve probably watched the kids kick around the ball while you cheered each and every play your kid’s team made. If you’re looking for a little more excitement to watch during and after the game, check out the sidelines where the coaches, COACHES’ WIVES, and team moms are playing an adults only game worthy of being considered a sport.

John coaches three teams every year. He’s always got a kind word to say to every player regardless of how good or bad they play. He’s married to Bunny who’s sweet, innocent and trusting and not totally oblivious to the team mom, Carla, who has every intention of showing John how very helpful she can be.

Dom coaches his son’s soccer team. Every year his team comes in first or second and he views his liaisons with each team mom as his due, this year the lucky lady is Vivian. The affairs always end with the season and his wife Susi is oblivious to his philandering - or so he thinks.

This year Dom’s interested in more than just having a normal sexual escapade with the team mom Vivian. This year he’s taken an interest in John’s wife Bunny. Can there be anything more satisfying than getting the better of your opponent on and off the field? Part of Dom’s plan is to learn about John’s coaching style and for that he sends his wife, Susi, to watch John during one of the team practices. Only she’s far more interested in him than she is his coaching technique.

Soccer season is about to get far more exciting both on and off the field than it’s ever been. Will these married couples still be in love with each other when the season comes to an end? Join the fun as the women team up to give Dom a little payback for his domineering attitude in and out of the bedroom.

C. D. Conejo’s COACHES’ WIVES is a fun fast paced novel that will have readers in awe of the characters’ behavior. I had to laugh at the author’s prologue/disclaimer that the entire story is made up, if it hadn’t been for that I may have questioned some of the scenes. Instead we have an author with an overactive imagination who spends a lot of time involved in the various aspects of soccer. If you’re looking for a storyline that stands out because of it’s uniqueness and characters who at times seem a little too real then I suggest you take a walk on the wilder side and pick up a copy of Ms. Conejo’s COACHES’ WIVES.

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