Code Name: Nanny
By Patti Fleishman
Jun 6, 2004 - 1:09:00 AM

What do you get when you cross an FBI agent who has a sexy pair of legs that don't seem to quit and a Navy SEAL who's built like an Adonis with a smile that could stop the world?  You have one highly exciting and intriguing story, not to mention some rather subtle yet intense sensual moments.

Summer Mulcahey, an FBI agent, is just starting a new assignment after having been injured on a previous job. She's going undercover to play the part of a nanny to the children of Cara O'Connor, Assistant DA of San Francisco.  There have been deadly threats made against Cara, who is working on a high-profile case involving a dangerous criminal.  It seems that someone has detrimental information about Cara that could jeopardize her career and put a stop to one of the most important events of her life - her wedding day.


Gabe Morgan, a Navy SEAL, is trying to get back on his feet after suffering severe injuries while in the line of duty.  He's spent many painful and torturous hours in rehabilitation and is now working undercover for Senator Tate Winslow.  Gabe's new assignment is that of a gardener , working on the property of Cara O'Connor.  Gabe was hired by the Senator, an old family friend, to keep watch over Cara and her two children, Audra and Sophy because of the threats that have been made against their lives.


What's rather enjoyable is watching Summer and Gabe trying to figure each other out.  They consider one another suspects, their eyes constantly watching every move the other makes while their senses are heightened, making their close contact all the more sensually tormenting.


The terror that haunts Cara and Tate must come to an end, as it is threatening to put a halt to their marriage plans.  Despite their very strong love, Cara fears that once he learns her secret from long ago, their chance for happiness will be shattered along with the dreams they both share.

A side character I fell in love with is Izzy Teague.  He's an agent who is also a friend of Gabe' s, who is helping with this case.  He'll definitely leave an impression upon you. 

Christina Sky has written a winner.  CODE NAME: NANNY has the perfect amount of suspense, laced within the pages of this romantic thriller.  Can you imagine the surprise when Summer and Gabe realize they are both working toward the same goal?  Oh, how the sparks do fly!  And, if that's not enough, there is even a touch of the paranormal floating throughout this novel as well.  It certainly has everything.


Stay tuned for more of Christina Skye's talents when CODE NAME: PRINCESS debuts in September. 

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