Coffee, Tea or Lea?
By Dina Smith
Sep 10, 2005 - 10:36:00 AM

Cooper Masterson is a federal air marshal who takes his job very seriously. He was hired to teach the Pan Air flight crew how to handle themselves in an emergency situation but flight attendant Lea Harding was making his job very difficult. Lea may be a beautiful woman but she was a calamity waiting to happen, she refused to follow procedure and every time Coop looks at her his blood starts to boil, in more ways then one.

When Lea's dad was injured and could no longer support his family the burden fell on Lea's shoulders. Lea's dream was to become a lawyer and she figured she has four more years to pay for her brothers college fund and then it was going to be her turn. Even though Lea has no interest in marriage she would like to find someone special to spend that time with.

When Coop showed up on the same flight to California as Lea's family she was filled with dread. Coop was arrogant, bossy and for some reason he seemed to take an instant dislike to her; not that she cared in the least about what he thought of her. During the flight Coop became fast friends with Lea's family and learned a great deal about Lea, things that changed his opinion of her greatly. Later in California Lea also meets a totally new side of Coop, one she likes very much. While Coop is trying to convince Lea how great they are together, Lea is running scared. Lea knows Coop is a man she could fall in love with and that could lead to marriage; Lea could not handle anymore people depending on her. Can Cooper convince Lea that love is not a burden, it sets you free?

COFFEE, TEA OT LEA? Is a hot, sensual, and sexy romance that I think is a must read. This is Ann Wesley Hardin's second book and even brings back characters from her previous story, Layover. With witty, fun characters and a fresh, new story line I would recommend putting COFFEE, TEA OR LEA? On your to be bought list now!

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