Cold Feet

Author: Elise Juska, Tara McCarthy, Pamela Ribon, Heather Swain & Lisa Tucker

Publisher: Downtown Press

Release Date: May 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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The "cold feet" of the title of this anthology refers to those experienced by many before their wedding day. Not only is the release of this book timely with the traditional June wedding season, but it is also topical with the recent national attention on the "runaway bride". The main characters in the various stories included in this collection have many reasons for having second thoughts.

In PERFECT WEATHER FOR DRIVING by Elise Juska, Joel and Megan have to look at their ongoing relationship after a car accident has them staying longer than they expected at an out of town wedding weekend. Sunsets are used as an excellent metaphor in this short, but meaningful tale.

LOSING CALIFORNIA by Tara McCarthy examines Allison Beyer's qualms about getting married after a tragedy cancels her wedding. Her fiance' wants to set a new date, but Allison sets off on a road trip to Nova Scotia to fulfill a fantasy and ends up learning more than she anticipated.

I could not find a website for Tara McCarthy, but with a novel coming out soon, I imagine she will have one in the near future.

SARA KING GOES BAD by Pamela Ribon is a story where the title tells it all. The eponymous character decides she wants to be reckless for once instead of perfect. This leads to a comic turn of events.

In THE HAPPIEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE by Heather Swain, Annie begins to question what is truly important after everything that has been planned for her wedding starts to go wrong. If that were not enough, she fears Ben, her fiance', may have been on the subway when a bomb explodes.

EMILY AND JULES by Lisa Tucker is the poignant story of two people who meet in an on-line chat room for agoraphobics. When Emily gets an invitation to her brother's wedding across country both characters have to deal with fears as well as their feelings for each other.

The stories in this collection vary in length from typical short story to novella. Anthologies seem to be making a comeback, which is a wonderful way to try new-to-you authors. Each of the authors represented in this collection have full length novels in print, or will have one coming soon. COLD FEET is marketed as "chick-lit", but is sure to entertain all female readers.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Roberta Austin

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