Cole for Christmas
By Alane
Dec 6, 2003 - 8:16:00 PM

Anna Wesley didn’t mean to invite her assistant to Christmas Eve dinner with her family.  If only she hadn’t forgotten Bobblehead Santa in her office.  If only she hadn’t noticed that Cole Mansfield’s office light was on.  If only she didn’t have such a soft heart that she couldn’t stand the thought of someone spending the holidays alone.  Even if that particular someone admitted that he’s after Anna’s beloved job as Marketing Director of Skillington Ski.

Cole Mansfield recently moved to Pennsylvania from California.  He hasn’t really had a chance to meet many people yet.  Since his relatives are traveling over the holidays, Cole is resigned to spending Christmas by himself.  He’ll probably just watch a few movies and maybe get some extra work done.  So when Cole’s boss invites him to have dinner with her family, he accepts her offer.  He doesn’t want to spend Christmas Eve alone!

Unfortunately for Anna, she’s never invited a man home to meet her family, before.  Naturally they jump to all the wrong conclusions when she shows up for a family get-together with her tall, muscular, gorgeous assistant.  Anna’s family members are not quiet and they’re not shy!  They immediately begin to grill Anna and Cole about their relationship.  Everyone refuses to believe Anna when she explains that she and Cole are nothing more than co-workers who barely know each other.  Cole isn’t doing anything to set them straight, either. 

When Anna’s relatives contrive to get her to spend plenty of time with Cole, she resists.  After all, the man has designs on her job!  But as Anna gets to know him, she realizes that Cole is not only good-looking, hard-working and intelligent, he’s also got a nice-guy side she didn’t expect.  Cole is a refreshing change from all of the less-than-honest men she’s dated in the past.  Against her better judgment, she finds herself falling for him.  Anna doesn’t want to date a co-worker, but she’s having plenty of trouble remembering why it would be a bad idea.

Cole can’t believe this Anna is the same cool, unflappable woman he sees every day at work.  Once she’s out of the office she’s warm, friendly, fun to be with and very candid.  Cole just might be falling in love with her.  But he knows that Anna values honesty, and he’s been hiding something from her that he isn’t free to divulge.  What will happen when Anna discovers the truth?

There is a whole lot to like about COLE FOR CHRISTMAS:  strong family themes, plenty of humor, Anna’s boisterous, meddling relatives, and the chemistry between Anna and Cole.  On the surface, the two certainly don’t seem like a perfect match.  Anna loves cold weather, skiing and everything about winter.  Cole loves warm weather, cycling and everything about summer.  Even worse, Cole is keeping secrets and Anna doesn’t care for liars.  It’s a whole lot of fun watching these two fall for each other in spite of their differences.  COLE FOR CHRISTMAS really got me into the holiday spirit!

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