Collingwood School
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 4, 2006 - 6:08:00 AM

Rejected by her Master, Sage returns to Collingwood School at his command. She’s devastated by this perceived failure on her part. Sage is an intelligent woman who desperately wants a Master whom she would be able to please. While residing at the school Sage accepts a teacher position even though she doesn’t understand why she’d be put in charge of students if she’s such a disappointment.

Having just turned forty, Derek is bored with his personal life and the greedy women who are constantly throwing themselves at him. Derek was born into a well-off family and he is a successful businessman as well. His brother Charles recognizes the restlessness and boredom in Derek and has the perfect birthday present - a visit to Collingwood School to see if he’d qualify for the Master program.

Derek is at first shocked at the existence of such a school and then he felt an excitement that he’d been missing. He’s carefully kept his need to dominate hidden, instead burying himself in work to keep the urges at bay. At Collingwood School he’ll be able to expound on his needs and desire and when he sees Sage for the first time he knows that she’s the one who he wants when he delves into the world of Dominance and submission. Sage agrees to be Derek’s companion during his stay at the exclusive school. Is he going to want to keep her when his ‘training’ is over? Another Dom decides that Sage belongs to him and he’ll use any method available to take her from Derek. Can their tenuous relationship survive the brutality inflicted on Sage?

Jessica Brandt’s COLLINGWOOD SCHOOL will quickly capture a reader's interest and keep your attention right through to the end. I especially enjoyed the honest emotional connection between Derek and Sage that is only intensified through their BDSM relationship. I love that Derek is dominant but not controlling. He relishes her desire to please him, but knows that she’s an intelligent woman who can and should think for herself. Like any other lifestyle, there are good and bad people involved and COLLINGWOOD SCHOOL has prime examples of both.

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