Color of Grace
By Gayle
May 5, 2013 - 9:43:49 PM

A tragedy in Barrett McCall’s past turned him into a hard drinking party animal and after years of being out of control, he now lives a quiet, sober life. He’s working as a cook at Dixie’s Cup when a fire destroys his apartment building, and he loses everything. With nowhere to go, he moves into the basement apartment owned by his boss, Dixie. It’s an arrangement that puts him in close proximity to Dixie’s nephew, Schuyler Rhodes—and the sparks fly.

For Schuyler, meeting Barrett couldn’t have come at a worse time. He still feels guilty over his cousin Matty’s death, even though it happened years before. Everyone thinks it was an accident but Schuyler knows the truth, and the secret’s eating him alive. His feelings keep most people at a distance but one kiss from Barrett proves he’s different. As their relationship moves forward, Schuyler’s past collides with his present, endangering everything he holds dear.

COLOR OF GRACE is the second release in A.M Arthur’s COST OF REPAIRS series. Because of the ongoing relationships I recommend that the books be read in order.

Where to begin? I guess it would be that I enjoyed it. Secondly, I’d say not to worry that the story might be similar to that of COST OF REPAIRS. Yes, the men in both books have backgrounds filled with pain and angst, making them all emotionally broken, but that’s where it ends. The author has come up with another original premise and two new guys I could really care about. And she’s given them well developed personalities, unique pasts and secrets they’ve held close for years. It makes for some interesting, if unexpected, revelations as the story progresses.

This heartwarming story caught my attention at the beginning. How could it not, when in the first sentence Barrett’s apartment is burning. This is only the start of the many vivid details that pulled me into the story. But the plot has so much more. It has a smooth pace, moments that created a wide range of emotions, a chance to see more of Sam and Rey again, and a believable relationship.

I don’t have any niggles with the exception of the mystery surrounding the fire. It’s an important moment in Barrett’s life and aside from being talked about, there aren’t any details regarding the investigation into its cause. For me, it’s a big loose thread I’d hoped to see resolved. Maybe in the next book?  Watch for the release of WEIGHT OF SILENCE, coming in August.

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