Colters' Woman

Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: October 3, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Adam, Ethan, and Ryan have everything they want in life with the exception of one thing - a woman who will complete them. They’ve planned and dreamed of the day they’d finally find a woman who incites the passion in all three of them and is strong enough to love and accept each in return. They’d just about lost hope until Adam trudged out to get the mail and finds Holly laying unconscious in the snow only yards from their home.

Holly is running from the man she married. She’s been running scared since her wedding night when she saw her new husband commit murder. She was still running when her car broke down at the base of a mountain where the Colter brothers hunting lodge sits. She’d walked to their lodge, but lost consciousness before reaching the door. Next thing she knows, she’s buck naked in a bathtub full of warm water with a gorgeous man standing over her. As if that isn’t enough of a shock to a girl’s system, there are two more men waiting in another room and all three of them want to keep her - forever.

The Colter brothers agree that Holly is everything they want in the woman who will become their wife, lover, and eventually the mother of their children. Convincing her that they’re serious about wanting her to stay is going to be a bit trickier than any of them anticipated. Holly is determined to keep running. Not only is her husband a dangerous man, but she’s also confused by her own desires for Adam, Ethan, and Ryan. Being so turned on by all three men at the same time makes her a whore, doesn’t it? The brothers are going to have to do some serious explaining about their intentions toward her and why her attraction to all of them is acceptable and even desired. Helping her to get a divorce as quickly as possible is imperative, but not nearly as important as keeping her safe from the man who wants nothing more than to see her dead.

Maya Banks COLTERS’ WOMAN is an awesome story full of emotional turmoil, hot sweaty sex, and enough suspense to keep readers anxiously reading through each scene with bated breath. Adam, Ethan, and Ryan each have vastly different personalities and needs. Holly is faced with the prospect of trying to figure out their quirks and how best to deal with each man. It’s a bit overwhelming but she’s up to the task. This book is chock full of scenes that will have you close to tears one minute and laughing out loud, all while chewing anxiously on your fingernails. The emotional bond that develops between the Colter brothers and Holly is a key factor throughout the story and readers won’t soon forget any of these wonderful characters.. Beautiful job, Maya! You’ve more than fulfilled my expectations with this endearing tale.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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