By Jaymi
Feb 3, 2004 - 11:54:00 PM

Autumn knew going home again meant that she would
see Jack. She just wasn’t prepared for how it would make her feel.  Jack had been a chubby kid with a heart of gold.  Autumn had tutored him in English her senior year in high school.  Jack had the biggest crush on Autumn.  Their lives were more entwined than either of them could have possibly known.  One fateful night, Autumn learned her mother had been having an affair with Jack’s father. Not only was she having an affair, but her mother was also four months pregnant with his child and her parents were a getting divorce.  As if that hadn’t been enough, later that night their house caught fire; her parents and Jack’s father perished in the blaze

Many years later Autumn has come home to work as a reporter while she recovers from a knee injury.  The first time she sees Jack, he’s rescuing her from a car accident.  He is a firefighter like his father. Jack doesn’t even recognize her at first, yet oddly he felt a connection with her.  Autumn has to keep reminding herself that she was just pulled from a car with the ‘jaws of life’, now is not the time to be lusting after Jack.   Their pasts are intertwined with memories that are mostly painful.  Despite that, Jack and Autumn find themselves attracted to one another. They are thrown together as an arsonist grips the city; Jack fights the fires and Autumn covers the stories.  There is something sinister in Clifton, Montana.  Terrible things are happening all around them; firefighters are being hurt, Autumn is being harassed, and someone wants both Jack and Autumn to die in a fire.  If they aren’t careful, they just might get burned.


COMBUSTION is a scorcher!  A relationship that started as a high school crush turns into a love that neither Jack nor Autumn expected.  DENISE AGNEW creatively blends passion and mystery. The twists and turns of COMBUSTION will have readers captivated till the very end.  This was an excellent book, one that will keep you reading well into the night.

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