Wild Irish, Book One; Come Monday

Author: Mari Carr

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: November 6, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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After her mother passed away, eighteen-year-old Keira Collins gave up on her dreams and took on the responsibility of caring for her six younger siblings and helping her father with the family business.  Now that the youngest Collins, Sean, is almost through high school, Keira has gone back to college to study business technology, again with the goal to help ease her father’s burden. Keira never expected that the one class that would cause her problems is the creative writing class, which she hadn’t wanted to take in the first place.  After months of getting only C’s, Keira is ready to confront her professor about those grades.  The problem is that being near young and hunky Professor Wallace has awakened wants and desires in Keira that she had no idea she possessed. Furthermore, Keira Collins, caregiver and bedrock of the Collins clan, isn’t sure that she can ever give up the time and energy it would take to indulge in those desires.

Professor Will Wallace knew the minute Keira walked into his classroom that she would be trouble.  Quiet, beautiful and far older than his usual pupils, Keira is the first student that Will has ever felt such an attraction to.  After reading her essays and learning more about her, Will’s desire for Keira grows even stronger, and when she approaches him with concerns over her grades, Will is stunned to find himself offering to work with her to improve her writing.  Keeping his hands off Keira for the next few weeks will be hard, but once the semester is over and he is no longer her teacher, Will is determined to make Keira his.

As their relationship progresses from professor and student to lovers, Will makes it clear to Keira that what he expects from her goes well beyond her previous experiences with men.  Will is a Dominant and he recognizes that in Keira he has found the perfect submissive.  At first, Keira relishes in giving over her power and having Will take care of her and her every need, but when the needs of her family start to conflict with the time she spends with Will, Keira has to decide if she can ever give up the control she has become so accustomed to.

COME MONDAY is a delightful and heartwarming start to what is sure to be a terrific new series.  Author Mari Carr has perfectly captured the feel of a close knit and boisterous family, with all the emotions and turmoil that accompany it.  Keira and Will are both amazingly well-written characters, and the sizzling love scenes between them were hot enough to make me blush.  The brief, but intriguing, glimpses we were given of Keira’s siblings have me waiting desperately for their stories to be written.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading COME MONDAY, and I am looking forward to reading more of Ms. Carr’s wonderful stories.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Cheryl McInnis

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