Come To Me

Author: LaVerne Thompson

Publisher: Freya's Bower

Release Date: February 09, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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COME TO ME by LaVerne Thompson is a contemporary interracial love story set on two coasts.  Jasmine Sandler is a building manager and supervises her properties from her home in California.  Baron Munro is one of her wealthy tenants with whom she speaks on the phone quite frequently.  Baron is enamored with Jasmine’s sexy voice.  An association that began strictly professional has become a very personal experience for them both.  Baron is used to dating many women but cannot find one that makes him want to stick...but his phone lover seems to do the trick.  Jasmine allows Baron to call after hours and they enjoy some steamy conversations.  Meetings by phone are just not enough for Baron.  He has to see her in person and if Jasmine is truthful with herself, she needs to see him as well.

Baron successfully convinces Jasmine to allow him to come to  San Diego to see her.  They decide not to tell each other what they look like and go from their instinct.  They recognized each other instantly!  The fact that she is African American and he is Caucasian causes him no trouble as he kisses her passionately the first time they meet.  Jasmine is not bothered by their differences but she’s concerned with how in tune they are with each other to know each other sight unseen.  It is all happening too fast for Jasmine! She is feeling too much, too fast for Baron.  Her feelings are definitely reciprocated and Baron wants her to move to the east coast with him.  He just wants her to trust him, pack up everything and move to D.C. to live with him.  Can she do it?  Should she do it?  Why should she be the only one to sacrifice and he gives up nothing?

COME TO ME was an awesome read.  I enjoyed the idea of falling in love with someone sight unseen.  Baron and Jasmine connected on an intellectual and spiritual level.  Not seeing each other only intensified feelings that developed for each other.  Neither was surprised or bothered by the difference in their races.  They hardly acknowledged it at all.  That is how love should be…colorblind!  You cannot help who you fall in love with.  The author handled this relationship with sensitivity and dexterity.  Great concept and I cannot wait to read more stories by LaVerne Thompson.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: tasha

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