Come Up and See Me Sometime

Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Zebra Books

Release Date: May 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Alex Trahern is the owner of a highly successful information services company.  He finds it very satisfying when information he has gathered is used to help rebuild companies.  But he's making an exception and assisting a client in a hostile takeover attempt.  Alex blames John Harrison, the target company's owner, for his father's death two years earlier.  Alex has been collecting information about Harrison and his family ever since.  He's fascinated by a photo of John's daughter Isabel, with her honey-brown hair, innocent green eyes, and sweet heart-shaped face.

Isabel Harrison matches people to jobs in the high-tech field.  She's a professional and very good at her job.  But when Alex Trahern walks into her office, she feels the temperature rise by about a thousand degrees.  The man is hot!  Her mind almost immediately strays to a wish list she's compiled of requirements for potential husbands.  Sure, it may seem archaic but with her expertise in matching employees to jobs and her lousy track record with men, Isabel figures she has nothing to lose. 


Reality comes crashing down in a hurry when Alex starts to interrogate her.  Isabel recently contacted one of his employees and Alex wants to know who's behind the offer.  Isabel refuses to answer.  She doesn't like his arrogant attitude and it's none of his business anyway.  Isabel isn't a shark, she just wants people to be happy in their careers.  Then Alex has the nerve to ask her out!  Against Isabel's better judgment, she somehow agrees to a date with him.  When he finds - and steals! - Isabel's husband wish list, Alex decides he's the perfect fit for Isabel's requirements.  Can Alex convince Isabel that he's the only man for her?


As always, Lucy Monroe does an excellent job of creating entertaining and passionate characters in a book that's impossible to put down.  Alex knows how to work hard but he's also wise enough to avoid letting his job become his whole life.  Isabel is trying to get over her fear of losing people as soon as she has formed emotional attachments with them.  I love the phrase 'schizophrenic courtesy' and Isabel's tendency to shop for shoes when she's upset.  Isabel's best friend Bettina livened things up, too!  If you're looking for a great story with superb characters and plenty of sizzle, be sure to grab COME UP AND SEE ME SOMETIME.  Very highly recommended!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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