Come and Get Me

Author: Reese Gabriel

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Eleesha Green is a Vice President at Global Tech, Inc., a company that is undergoing restructuring. She wasn't expecting the one man that had won her in a sorority game of "Come and Get Me" 10 years ago to be the consultant brought in to help with the restructuring. Now, not only is her job in jeopardy but so is her heart, which she'd given to Ross a decade ago.

Ross Maclean is an ex-pro football player turned restructuring consultant for businesses. Meeting up with Eleesha again brings up memories of the one night they'd spent together. He can't forget the way she'd loved him or the harsh words he'd said before leaving her bed the following morning.

Eleesha loved Ross even before the game of "Come and Get Me." When they slept together, thanks to the game, she gave not only her body but her heart as well. Ross's careless attitude hurt Eleesha, but he knew he wasn't ready for a relationship, after all, he had the NFL calling his name. Having been injured and his NFL career over, Ross finds himself not only trying to restructure Global Tech, Inc., but trying to tame Eleesha in a game of Come and Get Me that he intends to last forever. Eleesha's not about to trust him again. He's a big ex-football star and every woman wants him. She's not about to be just another notch in his belt. But, there's nothing wrong with getting her revenge on him either, is there?

Reese Gabriel has written another wonderfully arousing tale in COME AND GET ME. I loved the whole idea of this book. Stupid games are pretty standard in college sororities. COME AND GET ME is a terrific example of just how hurtful some of these games really can be. I thoroughly enjoyed Eleesha and Ross's struggles to gain the upper hand in their relationship, reading about the big bad football player, Ross, struggling to tame the little woman he shouldn't have abandoned ten years ago and Eleesha's determination to hold herself back from any emotional involvement.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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