Come and Get Me
By Zoe Knighton
Jul 1, 2007 - 3:37:00 PM

Sadie was on the verge of having everything she could ever want. A handsome f iancĂ© who loves her, her dream home-perfect for raising children-and a wedding that most girls have dreamt of their whole lives. So why is she being plagued by nightmares and panic attacks? Sadie risks everything when she takes off hoping that her f iancĂ©  will follow, shed his inhibitions and find his wilder side. Will he chase her around the world risking his job and everything he has valued his whole life for his audacious bride-to- be? Can her running save their relationship and possibly years of marriage counseling ?

Dylan has lived his life keeping himself in check. Priding himself for being calm, cool and collected. Making sure he never crosses a line he can not back away from. Although he desperately wishes for a deeper intimacy with Sadie he plans to wait until they get married before sharing those thoughts. He feels it would be safer to wait rather then risk losing her. Her flight makes him question his reasoning.

The beautifully detailed descriptions of exotic locals will make you think you feel a sweet scented Tuscan breeze or the heat of the Egyptian desert. Alyssa Brooks  humorously   captures the frustrations one would feel when they are frequently jetting off from one place to another.

COME AND GET ME is worth reading over and over. COME AND GET ME was a pleasurable and seductive read. Alyssa Brooks's exciting plot flowed without losing the characters motivation for their actions. They were charming and endearing making the reader hope for their eventual happily ever after. COME AND GET ME had a terrific voice that was nearly flawless. The sensually erotic scenes were written with a loving touch. Even the more graphic scenes were respectful yet incredibly passionate

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