Comedy Girl Y/A
By Yasmine
Jan 1, 2005 - 5:31:00 AM

Trixie Shapiro dreams of being a comedienne. But how is she going perform in front of twenty or more people if she can’t even speak up in her own classroom? Her supposed best friend Jazzy signs her up for talent night and she ends up forgetting her jokes and looking like a complete moron; much to her horror. Then in an attempt to break Trixie out of her shell, Mr. Janson signs her up to perform at Chaplins, a comedy club. Trixie’s act turns out to be a success and her life as a teenage Comedienne is now begun.

With her newfound stardom, she also manages to finally score a date with Gavin Baldwin; a guy she has secretly liked for a long time. But nothing in life ever ran a smooth and straight course and with fame comes a price. Trixie has some choices to make that may alter everything she has always dreamed of. Throughout all of this, Trixie has to learn to use her newfound confidence and hopefully continue on to reach her goals.


The jokes in Ellen Schreiber’s COMEDY GIRL were very funny to read and Trixie was a hilarious and hard working girl. I loved watching her try her best and know that even if she failed, at least she gave it her all. I recommend this good book because it has a lot of good elements that will allow kids my age to believe more in ourselves and gain the confidences we need for success.


Reviewed by Young Adult Reviewer, Yasmine 13

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