Coming Home (rereleasing through WRP - date unknown)

Author: Inga Mahn

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Release Date:

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Raised by her grandmother Deidre LaCroix had grown up in Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana until she left a few years ago to finish her schooling. Deidre had always had a special connection with her grandmother. She had been feeling the pull to return home long before the call came telling her of her grandmother's passing. Now Deirde was back in Bayou Lafourche to continue the work that her grandmother loved so much.

When Deidre was awaken in the middle of the night by a small boy telling her that someone needed her help, Deidre never hesitated she just grabbed her bag and headed out to the old Walker place. At first nobody answered her knocks and she began to worry but just as she was going to go in she heard a load crash and someone cursing. When she identified herself and asked if the person needed help, she was told to go away. Just as Deidre was about to leave the door opened and there stood Jacob.


Six years ago Deidre had loved Jacob more than life itself but he left Bayou Lafourche and Deidre without so much as a goodbye and a broken heart. Now they are both back, older and much wiser than before. It's up to Jacob to try to make Deidre understand why he had to leave so long ago, and to give their love one more chance.


COMING HOME is a short but very sweet romantic story about letting go of the ones you love the most. I loved watching Jacob and Deidre find each other again and learning that sometimes life has its own path for you. If you are in the mood for a quick and romantic read I recommend reading COMING HOME by Inga Mahn.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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