Coming Home

Author: Emily Brevard

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Release Date: December 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Genealogist Jenna Wade thinks her life is perfect when she marries Daniel Prescott after a whirlwind courtship. Two years later her marriage falls apart and she suffers a traumatic miscarriage.  Jenna's dreams have been shattered.  She has also lost her faith in love and in God.  Upon returning to her childhood home in Cypress Creek, Texas, Jenna erects a barrier in her heart to keep out the rest of the world. When she first meets Jake McConnell, Jenna senses that this sexy man is a danger to her self-imposed isolation.  The attraction she feels for Jake could tear down the wall Jenna has deliberately built inside herself to keep others at bay. 

Jake McConnell has faced challenges of his own.  Unlike Jenna, Jake's faith has carried him through adversity. His faith has helped him to build a better life. Jake knows after taking one look at Jenna that he wants to help her find her way back to God.  After getting to know Jenna better, he also hopes they can build a future together.

Jake introduces Jenna to his client, Fancy Stevenson. Fancy wants Jenna to research the Stevenson family history.  Fancy desires a detailed genealogical history to leave as a legacy for her family. Jake hopes, with Fancy's help, to bring Jenna's emotional barriers crashing down.  Can Jake break down Jenna's walls and convince her they can have a future together?  When Jenna's past rears its ugly head, will Jenna be able to hold on to the fragile peace she has found in Cypress Creek? 

COMING HOME is an emotionally inspiring story about a woman endeavoring to find her way back to God.  Emily Brevard has written a strong character driven book with an amazing amount of heart and soul.  The honesty of the emotions touched me very deeply. This delightful story stayed with me long after I read the last word. COMING HOME is a new, refreshing genre for me.  I fell in love with Jake and Jenna's story. Secondary character Fancy is the perfect example of a grandmotherly woman who entertains visitors with homemade cookies and lemonade. I adored Fancy and felt she added a tremendous amount of heart to this already wonderful book. I could not put COMING HOME down until I found out how it ended.


This sweet, touching romance is more than just a love story.  It is the journey to re-discovery of God and self.  However, the end of Jenna's voyage is just a new beginning.  Come along for this incredible trip.  You won't be disappointed. In fact, you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass

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