Coming Home: Mother & Child Reunion
By Grace
Dec 1, 2004 - 3:30:00 AM

Cleo Channing has spent the past five years reconstructing her life, brick by bitter brick.  Her son died, her daughter ran away, and after a year of struggle, her marriage became little more than a painful reminder of all that she and her husband Malcolm lost.  She'd grown so numb by that point, it hardly registered when he left, at her request.

Now she has a new life--new job, new friends, and a chance at new love. 

Until her daughter Victoria reappears, throwing Cleo into a tailspin.  She's brought a four-year-old son with her, a son who looks exactly like the child Cleo lost.  How much has Victoria changed?  Is she going to stick around this time?  Despite their differences, Cleo can't bear the thought of Victoria leaving again, not with a child in the picture.  Benjy is thin, dirty, and hungry.  And Cleo needs to call her ex-husband and tell him of the change in their lives.  How will she break the news to Malcolm? 

Malcolm Channing would risk anything for a child.  Even opening himself
to his wife again.  Correction.  Ex-wife.  Cleo asked him to leave, and he's started over again without her.  But for the sake of his daughter and the grandson he's never met, he'll face Cleo, the woman he's never stopped loving.  Will the daughter who led to the dissolution of their marriage now prove the catalyst that brings them back together?

Ms. Brashear surpasses herself again in the novel COMING HOME.  With heart-stirring poignancy, she explores the depths of mature love, love that not even the most wrenching pain can truly destroy.  Seamlessly weaving in flashbacks of the way Cleo and Malcolm began their lives together, Ms. Brashear makes every word count with poetic purity.  Her lovely imagery and command of language add to the experience of living in Cleo's world for a few hours.  This story kept me reading all night, sharing the pain and pleasure of the changes in the characters' lives.  I heartily recommend this book to lovers of single title relationship novels.

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