Coming Undone

Author: Susan Andersen

Publisher: Mira

Release Date: September 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Priscilla Jayne Morgan is finally enjoying the success she has long sought in the country music industry. Her music is topping the radio charts and she is the talk of the industry, which is where her problems lie. After she fires her manager, who just happens to be her mother, P.J. is awash in scandal and she takes off to get some alone time before her new tour starts. And that is when the excitement and the trouble kick up a notch.

Jared Hamilton remembers the thirteen year old P.J. with both fondness and anger. After living on the streets of Denver together as teens, Jared thought that would be a bond that they would share for a lifetime. Instead, after going back home to live with her mother, P.J. never contacted him again, breaking Jared's heart and making him fear giving that kind of power to another person besides his family. But now he has a job to do. Jared has been hired by P.J.'s record label to keep an eye on her and make sure she shows up to her tour on time. It should be an easy assignment, but well, P.J. is making it difficult. For one, Jared cannot get over how grownup and delectable she looks, and for another, P.J. keeps giving him the slip.


P.J. is frustrated that her record label does not trust her, and while she would love to reacquaint herself with the sexy adult Jared, she does not want to do it under these circumstances. But their time together is just beginning. For five weeks, Jared and P.J. will be thrown together on the tour and hormones, feelings, and memories are just waiting to overwhelm them.


COMING UNDONE is the long-awaited story featuring characters from Susan Andersen's HOT & BOTHERED. P.J. and Jared are both adults but they are still dealing with the same frustrations and fears, and a poignant longing for each other. The story is peppered with a wonderful cast of secondary characters who add plenty of laughs and sighs to the story, but at its heart, it is seeing Jared and P.J. reconcile and meet again that makes this story a notch above the rest. It is obvious that these two never got over their teenage infatuations, but finally admitting that is difficult when they have so many reasons to stay safe and hidden with their feelings. Jared is a very controlled man, afraid to give into his emotions. P.J. is just the opposite; she continually gives out love and laughter, only to be disappointed in return. Watching them fall in love and become friends again is the truest pleasure in this book. COMING UNDONE definitely unravels P.J. and Jared's hearts and emotions and makes for an amusing, touching and utterly romantic read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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