Holding Out For A Hero; Book 2: Command and Control
By Cheryl McInnis
Mar 5, 2011 - 11:42:54 AM

Megan Asher is slowly getting her life back together after ending her engagement with Trevor Wyatt. When Megan is forced by well meaning friends into working closely with Trevor on his brother’s wedding, Megan’s plans for moving on without Trevor are thrown into a tailspin. She realizes that the chemistry between them is still there, but so are the problems that drove them apart. Megan knows that her life will be better with Trevor being a part of it, but she will have to go to extreme measures to convince the man that she loves of that fact.

When U.S. soldier Trevor Wyatt returns home on leave for his brother’s wedding and hears though the grapevine that Megan is dating again, it throws him into panic mode. He knows that he was stupid to push Megan away, but he didn’t want to burden her with the mess of a man that he had become since being injured during an attack in Afghanistan. Trevor wants Megan back in his life…badly. But if it means revisiting the horrors in his memories, he’s not sure if he can do what it takes.


After spending time with him again, Megan knows that she still loves Trevor deeply. She also knows that this will be her last chance at building a future with him. Fortunately, she has a plan…a plan to show Trevor that she completely trusts him to be in control, in the bedroom and out of it. Megan can only hope that by surrendering everything, she can convince Trevor to give their future a shot.


COMMAND AND CONTROL was a really powerful and engaging read. Author Shelli Stevens delves right into the emotional costs that returning home from war can play, not just on soldiers, but also their loved ones. The chemistry between Megan and Trevor was palpable and their love scenes were sizzling hot, especially the ones where Megan gives Trevor complete control. I really appreciated the fact that although Megan desperately wanted Trevor back in her life, she recognized that he had to finally open up about his trauma to someone, and she wasn’t willing to compromise on that point. As for the way she went about convincing Trevor, well, that made for some very steamy reading! COMMAND AND CONTROL was a deeply rich and satisfying story about two people who have to overcome a lot of pain in order to reunite and have a happy ending. I highly recommend it and cannot wait for FLASHPOINT, coming next in the HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO series.









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