Community Service
By Suzie Housley
Dec 2, 2013 - 5:36:46 AM

It is Maggie Mitchell’s final semester of college, she felt fortunate to have been selected to receive a research internship in the Paleolimnology lab.  She and one other person had been the lucky recipients of this sought after research opportunity.

Upon arriving early to the lab, Maggie encounters Sawyer Reed, and learns he was the second recipient of the internship.  The two of them had gone to high school together.  Sawyer was always the high school star whereas Maggie was an unpopular wallflower. 

When Sawyer makes the suggestion they become lab partners, Maggie questions why he is trying to be nice to her when they never were friends in high school.  Of course, a lot of things have changed for both of them since their high school days.  Maggie has replaced her thick glasses with contacts, and now takes more pride in her appearance.  Sawyer now resides in a wheelchair due to a skiing accident.

On her second day to class, Maggie accidentally rear ends a police cruiser.  She is sentenced to serve one hundred  hours of community service at a local theater.  There she meets actor Jude Marion; it is evident with his confident attitude and radiating sex appeal he has no trouble finding willing women to meet his needs. 

Maggie finds herself falling under Jude’s spell of seduction.  The way he looks at her with intense interest has her heart beating out of control.  When Maggie learns that Sawyer and Jude were once friends, she finds that information further complicates the situation.

Maggie knows she must choose between the two men.  Which one will win her heart?

COMMUNITY SERVICE is an exceptional young adult romance!  I was highly impressed with how Dakota Madison was able to create a story where the heroine is torn between choosing between the love of two men.  In looking at Jude, it was like the reader was seeing a before accident picture of Sawyer.  It was evident the two was obviously close, since they had grown up together.  Maggie ugly duckling/swan transformation adds an element of magic to the story.  COMMUNITY SERVICE has all the ingredients to make it an unforgettable reading experience.  This reviewer/reader heart has been captured by the wonderful tale she found in this wonderful romance!

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