Complete Me
By Ann
Jul 8, 2013 - 6:47:50 PM

Damien is in Germany facing charges that he killed his former tennis coach.  Being the last one to see him, the charges are circumstantial but still Nikki is uneasy at Damien’s approach to the trial.  When things start to look up, Nikki is left to wonder what happened to cause such a dramatic and life-changing turn of events.  Although life seems to return to normal, the truth has a funny way of coming out and it might not only destroy their relationship but hurt Nikki in the end.  Can Damien come clean and tell Nikki what truly happened that night?  Will she be strong enough to handle the truth without breaking or is their relationship just built on sex?

COMPLETE ME is the final book in the STARK trilogy.  It is probably the most intense emotionally and sexually of the three because it exposes Damien Stark.  In the previous books, it was Nikki who had to be “rebuilt” but COMPLETE ME forces Damien to confront his personal demons and possibly life without Nikki.  He has finally had to expose himself to pain and open his heart again to someone and realize it’s okay to feel.  I like that Ms. Kenner continually addresses Nikki’s own battle with cutting and stress rather than sweeping it aside.  The secondary characters continue to move forward in their own lives be it good or bad.  That’s the reality of life.  COMPLETE ME and the STARK trilogy is more than an erotic, sensual tale.  It deals with raw, depraved issues that some may feel uncomfortable with but overall I found it a very good and satisfying journey.

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