Completely Yours

Author: Sheridon Smythe

Publisher: Love Spell

Release Date: May 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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If you like hilarious stories with identical twins, a little bit of intrigue, a whole lot of steamy sexual tension, and undeniable romance, then COMPLETELY YOURS is a book not to be missed. A stand-alone follow-up to Ms. Smythe's MR. COMPLETE, COMPLETELY YOURS will have you laughing so hard you're crying one minute, and groaning aloud at the sexual tension the next. Believe me, you definitely want to pick up a copy of this book today.

For Fontaine Spencer, anonymity is the key. Her job demands it. She works for Next Stop, a travel magazine that helps people find the best restaurants, hotels, and entertainment hot spots around the globe. Fonatine's job is to check out each and every one of these establishments, incognito, to find out how they rate. The only problem is, during her last trip to Dallas every place she visited seemed to know she was coming. Now she's supposed to head off to Atlanta for another round of undercover work, but she's afraid that she's about to be spotted once again. Her answer to the problem is to coerce her sister, Callie, to take her place. Despondent over a two-timing underwear model she divorced, Callie seems in desperate need of some entertaining; and being partied around town by an escort provided by Mr. Complete seems the perfect solution.

Callie takes the job, albeit mostly unwillingly, and soon finds herself surrounded by a man who could have walked out of an issue of GQ. Dillon Love is a man on a mission. Pissed off at Next Stop for its unfavorable review of his nightclub, he's not too happy that Callie Spencer is to get a free escort from Mr. Complete during her three-week stay in Atlanta. The free services are in exchange for a full-page ad in the magazine, so Dillon knows it's necessary, but he still cringes over the remembered problems that the magazine's unfair review caused for him and his business. The only solution is to escort Callie around town himself; and not let on that he's Dillon Love, not Wyatt Love, Mr. Complete's true owner. The two brothers are identical twins, so Dillon's convinced he can carry off the deception.

The only problem is: you guessed it, that Dillon starts developing feelings for Callie, and Callie in turn seems to feel the same. Except for the fact that one day Dillon seems to be the man of her dreams, and the next he's so stand-offish she can barely stand him. That's because both Dillon and Wyatt are sharing escorting duties, and Dillon knows that if he has a chance with Callie, he's going to need to come clean about the old switcheroo.

COMPLETELY YOURS was a true joy to read. Laugh-out-loud funny with sex scenes to die for, you'll find the situations both sets of siblings find themselves in hilarious. A true winner, Ms. Smythe has written a book that's not to be missed.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jennifer Wardrip

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