By Sarah W
Oct 8, 2007 - 8:38:53 AM

Victoria Ray has a secret. A very delicious, sexy secret. She has been seeing Greg Stone on the sly for three months. It is just an affair; Victoria has no plans to fall in love. After all, Victoria is nothing if not predictable. As a shy university librarian, Victoria has always done the right thing, made the kind gestures. But when she is in Greg's arms, she is a different woman entirely. Wild, wanton, sexy, and addicted to Greg's kisses. Add in the fact that Greg is more than ten years older than her, and Victoria cannot help feeling that she is doing something fantastically naughty.

But then things begin to get COMPLICATED. Some of Greg's secrets are revealed and Victoria has to reevaluate their affair. With her heart on the line now, will she let Greg go, or will she fight for him?


COMPLICATED is a passionate and pleasurable story. Greg and Victoria have some great chemistry together. They are not afraid to explore their intimate side together and I liked how they could share both love and laughter. Greg was very comfortable with himself which in turn helped Victoria become more open and comfortable with herself. They truly shared a balanced, special relationship, no matter how much Victoria protested to the contrary. The complications were very true to life, something that could easily ruin a relationship so Ms. Adams definitely handled that angle well. COMPLICATED is a satisfying emotional read because Greg and Victoria connect so strongly to each other that it is impossible not to enjoy their burgeoning love.

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