Confession of an Almost-Girlfriend
By Ann
Jul 8, 2013 - 10:26:40 PM

It’s the end of summer and Rose and Tracey are at a pool party right before school before they officially become sophomores.  Instead of enjoying themselves, Rose finds herself defending Conrad Deladdo, the younger brother of her arch-nemesis, from a hazing incident.  Instead of being grateful, he is furious which makes Rose confused but reluctant to push further knowing that peer pressure will only push Conrad further away.  Besides Rose has her own issues to deal with stemming from her dad’s death and her non-relationship with Jamie Forta.  Ever since last year, they’ve been in limbo.  This year, the new Rose is going to be better and stronger than ever before because it can’t be any worse than before, right?

CONFESSIONS OF AN ALMOST-GIRLFRIEND is the continuing story of Rose Zarelli trying to figure out who she is and where she fits in.  High school is hard enough and Ms. Rozett adds in the complicated issues of bullying and abuse making Rose see and do things that she shouldn’t at her age.  Yet Rose is no shrinking flower.  She stands up for Conrad and his sister Regina and tries to figure out Jamie. 

Jamie is a protector even if he does it in all the wrong ways.  He knows that he isn’t right for Rose but that doesn’t stop him from encouraging her to break out of her shell and be the person she was meant to be not the one people expect.  If only he could do the same.  It will be interesting to see where their relationship will advance or not but Rose is anything but boring.  CONFESSIONS OF AN ALMOST-GIRLFRIEND is a winding, complicated book that tackles several storylines but if you strip away everything, you will see that Rose has begun to find her niche.  I look forward to seeing her grow.

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