Confessions of Super Mom
By Leigh O
Aug 7, 2006 - 6:36:00 PM

Birdie Lee is an average single mother. She is raising a teenage son and daughter, is the PTA secretary, has a job she enjoys at the local supermarket, and an ex-husband who annoys her. She enjoys her domestic lifestyle, and takes pride in her skills. So when she spies an impossible to remove stain on the bathroom floor, she gives it everything she has with a lethal combination of cleaning solutions and a Swiffer. The fumes overtake her, the wallpaper does a song and dance, and when she wakes up hours later, she has cleaning fluid leaking from her hand, which now has the texture of her trusty mop.

Birdie soon discovers she has superpowers; super hearing, super speed, the ability to sense danger, and the ability to clean a public restroom and make it shine like new. She can tell when a cash register scans the wrong price, and she can use her Merciless Gaze to make the rudest of teens stop the car and buckle up. Birdie has become Super Mom, with a mission to clean up her town of Astro Park, from both grime and crime.


A superheroes life is never easy. In her attempt to rid her town from evil, Birdie must deal with hormonal teenagers and strained friendship, go to war with the PTA president, and did I mention the hunky single dad she’s falling for? Dating is much more difficult as a parent than as a teen, and soon she’s in over her head in more ways than one (but her whites have never been whiter!).


I laughed my way through CONFESSIONS OF A SUPER MOM. It was a lighthearted, humorous story about how an ordinary woman deals with becoming extraordinary, while still trying to be the ‘super’ mom she has always been. This is the first book in Hauser’s Super Mom series, the next is due out in 2007.

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