Confessions of a Party Crasher
By Cat Cody
Jun 1, 2006 - 12:22:00 PM

Morgan Miller can't believe how fast she went from being on the fast track to career success to rock bottom. How had she lost her job and life in San Diego? And more importantly, how can she get it back? Crashing a wedding reception with her off-beat mother isn't exactly her way of getting her life on track. But when she meets sexy wedding photographer Conner Danning she's not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Conner Danning is about to get his life back on course. He'd had to postpone his career as a photojournalist when his brother had had a near fatal accident, but things were looking up. In a few months he could put his job as a wedding photographer aside and get back to taking real pictures. Since Morgan is looking to go back to California, she's the perfect way to get back into the dating game with no strings attached. Or so he thinks.


As Morgan's crazy mother Annabelle and her just as crazy friends stir up trouble left and right, Morgan is caught in the middle of going after what she wants and finding out what she really needs. Only will she be able to discover what that really is in time? And what about Conner? He's not exactly her dream man, but have her dreams changed too?


Holly Jacobs writes a story that will have you laughing out loud as you follow the antics of the secondary characters and the trial they are to poor Morgan. The journey Morgan takes to self-discovery is a familiar one to us all and will give you pangs of sympathy as she goes through the painful process. Hilarious situations, deep emotions, and lots of love make this one party you won't want to miss.

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