Confessions of a "Wicked" Woman
By Dina Smith
Jun 1, 2005 - 9:24:00 AM

Stephanie Monroe hated small town life, as soon as she was old enough she left hers behind and never looked back. The big city life of Los Angeles was much more Stephanie's style and the perfect place for her business "Venus and Stephanie". Venus Gold was Stephanie's partner but two weeks ago Venus said she was taking a weekend trip back home and never returned. Now one of their top clients was not happy and Stephanie was determined to make Venus return to L.A. and make things right, even if she has to go get her herself.

Stephanie was not in Mayfield for an hour when things started going bad and they just seemed to be getting worse and worse. First her rental car sinks in a river when the bridge is washed out, with all her clothes and other belongings inside it. Then when she is rescued by the handsome sheriff and taken to the police department she finds herself being arrested for indecent exposure.

Venus bails Stephanie out of jail but refuses to leave until she takes care of some "unfinished business". Stephanie figures if she helps Venus with her business maybe they could leave sooner, the problem is Venus's business clashes with Stephanie's good girl personality. So Venus convinces Stephanie to become the wicked woman she has always wanted to be. The first thing on that wicked woman's list of thing to do, is have an affair with the gorgeous Sheriff Jack Logan.

Jack Logan is following right in his father's footsteps, just like what was expected of him. He only wished it brought him the same respect his father had, but the people in Mayfield still saw him as "Little Jack". There was even a bet going on about who he should marry. The problem is once Stephanie came into town she was all he could think about. She was as unique as she was beautiful and Jack was determined to make her his, even if he has to move to LA to have her.

CONFESSIONS OF A "WICKED" WOMAN is a hilarious romantic read, that will have you turning page after page. I could not put this book down until I finished the entire story and then I was sad to see it end. Stephanie and Jack heat up the pages in this must read story by author Susanna Carr. This is one book that will be going on my keeper shelf to be enjoyed again and again.

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