Consent to the Cowboy
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2010 - 12:05:55 PM

Barmaid Daphne Norris has grown up around cowboys her whole life and is determined not to settle for the sort of men she serves at the bar.  Her own parents’ relationship taught her the folly of loving a cowboy, but that doesn’t stop her from admiring the bronc rider she helped save from certain injury.

Will Hanson isn’t your average cowboy.  He’s done his time on the rodeo circuit and the ride Daphne witnessed was a spur of the moment decision.  The last thing he expects is to become enchanted with a barmaid especially one who has such an aversion to cowboys.


After learning about Daphne’s past Will can understand why she’s as standoffish as she is but he’s convinced that it’s not really the thought of being involved with a cowboy that she finds so appalling.  He believes what she needs is a man she can trust who won’t hurt her and all he needs is the opportunity to prove that he is that man.  Daphne’s strong character and determined nature are merely camouflage for her more submissive nature but a dominant man like Will has no trouble seeing her fears or bringing out the beauty of the woman she tries so carefully to keep hidden. 


Will is smart enough to use gentle persuasion to entice Daphne to give him a chance.  She finally agrees to Will’s suggestion of several days experiencing sensual pleasure with him, but she doesn’t expect to become emotionally attached and isn’t at all prepared to deal with the intensity of opening her heart to the possibilities or the heartbreak of disappointment.


CONSENT TO THE COWBOY is an emotionally driven storyline full of passion, forgiveness, and self discovery.  Abby Wood carefully constructs this story using character traits and situations that pull the reader into the storyline and allow you to experience the more psychological side of the BDSM lifestyle.  I genuinely enjoyed getting to know Daphne and Will but found myself fascinated by Daphe’s relationship or lack thereof with her father and how that whole situation played out in the end.  While I have to admit I was looking for a general ‘ride ‘em cowgirl’ storyline I found CONSENT TO THE COWBOY to be more fulfilling simply because it’s not all hot sex and games but has more emotional sustenance. 


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