Contessa's Assets

Author: Ginger Simpson

Publisher: Romance At Heart Publications

Release Date: September 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Deciding she needed a change in her life after Tessa and her boyfriend of almost two years broke it off, Tessa Garrity moved all the way from California to Maryland. She started a new job at Norwell Genetic Industries as a background investigator for new applicants. The pay was great but with all her new responsibilities, she had no time for a personal life. Feeling frustrated Tessa accidentally knock a stack of files on the floor. As Tessa is trying to retrieve a stray piece of paper from behind the file cabinet, with her fanny in the air, in walks the most incredible looking man Tessa has ever seen.

Detective Blaine Logan was there on business not to flirt with this beautiful woman. But after walking into her office and finding her in such a strange position, he just could not seem to help himself. As Blaine began to discuss his case against one of Tessa's applicants, Damien Sloan, Blaine found himself becoming more and more intrigued by her. Tessa on the other hand could not decide if Blaine was the most arrogant man she had ever met or the most confident, but she was definitely having thoughts about him she had no business having.

Damien Sloan has been convincing ovum-donors to meet him at secret locations and then selling their eggs to the highest bidder without their knowledge. Tessa reluctantly agrees to help Blaine on a sting operation only after Blaine promises to protect her. But when Damien calls and changes the location, how can Blaine protect Tessa if he can't find her?

CONTESSA'S ASSETS is another great story written by a remarkably talented author, Ginger Simpson. CONTESSA'S ASSETS is a hot read with humor, romance, and enough sexual tension to leave the reader turning page after page.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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