Copping To It
By Maree Schuler
Feb 16, 2011 - 10:48:57 PM

COPPING TO IT is a deliciously dirty erotic read. Claire is a journalist who has an inner bad girl that is just screaming to be let out. After a hot and heavy make out session with a smoking hot undercover police officer she makes the choice to walk away from Ty because the passion that builds between them scares her to her very core. A few months after their smoking hot encounter Claire is caught by the Demon Guardians, a bike gang that Ty has spent months in deep cover investigating, and he is put in the horrible position of having to use Claire to save his cover.

COPPING TO IT was a great read that makes being 'so bad that you're good' a fantasy that every good girl will want to add to her list. This story was written so fantastically that you can feel the vibe of the biker’s gang and the trust that Claire puts into Ty. Even given the circumstances that draws them together and what they have to do, I wanted to be Claire. Add in a sexy partner that needs to be saved and Ms. Meyers’ created a truly terrific read that I loved and will be reading again!

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