Cordero's Forced Bride
By Char
Mar 1, 2009 - 11:56:40 AM

Alexa Montague is terrified at the prospect of facing all the people at her sister’s wedding and telling them that her sister has changed her mind and won’t be showing up as planned. As scary as that idea is, it isn’t any way near as horrifying as first telling her sister’s groom, Santos Cordero, the news. Alexa has only met Santos one other time before and that one encounter showed her that Santos was one person you don’t want to cross.

Santos Cordero is furious when Alexa gives him the news about her sister, but not necessarily for the reason that Alexa thinks. Santos wasn’t madly in love with Alexa’s sister, but he had planned on her supplying him with the heirs he wants and to compensate for the money her family took from him. Santos wants justice and the way he sees it, it doesn’t matter which sister stands in front of the altar as long as he gets his promised bride.


CORDERO’S FORCED BRIDE by Kate Walker is a story that will touch your heart. I enjoyed watching Alexa and Santos wade through all of the misconceptions and misunderstandings to finally lay their hearts on the line for a love neither of them could have imagined. I liked Alexa and was captivated by her ability to make her feelings and thoughts known even when confronted with the understandably upset Santos. I wasn’t sure about Santos at first but after learning about the hardships he had endured and watching his unconscious loving actions toward Alexa I came to like him as well as Alexa. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to everyone.


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