Corporate Seduction
By Claudia McRay
May 2, 2006 - 11:30:00 AM

May loves her job but she has erotic fantasies about her boss. Fantasies that can never come to fruition. She's forced to concentrate on the mountain of family debt that has become her albatross. Her recent degree should help her get the raise she needs.

Winston Biggers is looking for the perfect woman. He needs someone who not only can dominate him but who can assume the role of submissive when he needs her to be one. At the moment though, he has a thing for his assistant. He hides the fact that she recently earned her degree that could afford her a great promotion. Winston doesn't want anyone else in the company to take her away from him. He hopes no one will leak the information about her degree before he makes some decisions.

May discusses her problems with her best friend, Princess. Princess suggests that May go with her to the Oh Club. May has no idea of the wonderfully erotic surprises in store for her there. Madame Z explains the rules and the salary for working a few evenings a week. May is so fascinated that she takes the offer.

Enter Mr. Biggers. That domination thing has raised its ugly head again. When he confesses it to a friend, he's convinced to give the club a try. Fate is on his side when he's matched up with May. Even though May is in disguise, he feels he knows her. He loves the way she works the whip over his body when she's disciplining him. The problem is that he needs much more from this woman.

This story is full of interesting surprises. Bridget Midway has done a wonderful job writing a new slant to the 'assistant loves the boss loves the assistant' storyline. Her characterizations are delightful and realistic. That May and Princess are friends has to be a story in itself. They're all in for some wonderful and not so wonderful surprises as the story unfolds. Mr. Biggers will come face to face with a past better left alone. He'll be forced to make some life altering decisions.

Whether you like BDSM or not, you're in for a real treat with this one. The title, CORPORATE SEDUCTION, says it all. Win Biggers may love women, but he treats them horribly. We all know about paybacks, right? This story gives the ultimate glimpse into the world of paybacks and the love that can come out of it. It's a keeper. Women who work in Corporate America and run into some of the same problems as May and other women in this story will delight in the characters' abilities to turn the tables.

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