Corralled: Tamara's Spirit
By Jenn L
Dec 6, 2007 - 5:55:13 PM

Tamara Dobbs is city girl through and through, yet she has found herself living in the country with the people she considers her closest friends. But Tamara is at her core a troubled soul, one with secrets and wounds so deep she is sure she’ll never be whole. Content to live her life somewhat detached and alone, she tries to take pleasure where she can find it. For her, it was in the arms of Shooting Star Ranch’s cowboys, but when she flees from her friend’s wedding reception, she never thought she find herself in the arms of an Indian.

Dakota Blackhawk knows the second he touches Tamara that she is the one he has been searching for. One look into her troubled eyes and he sees the vulnerability and pain she hides from her friends. He wishes he could take her pain and burdens as his own, but he knows for them to have a chance at love she must exorcise her own demons and find herself before she can begin to heal.


Knowing what he must do, Dakota embraces his heritage and whisks Tamara away so she can begin her journey toward healing. It’s all a risk; one he knows will reap the ultimate rewards for both him and the woman he loves.


Nicole Austin manages to deliver a scorching hot read full of sexual chemistry while still managing to tell a poignant tale of love and healing. Balancing both the sexual tension and the need to really understand and see Tamara as the wounded spirit she is was no easy task. Yet as you read TAMARA’S SPIRIT, you can really feel all the emotion and pain as well as the love story that lies beneath.


Dakota comes across as Alpha and in total control at all times, but all this is tempered with his apparent love of Tamara and his Native American beliefs. His character is true to himself and never falters from the path Ms. Austin has created for him. She’s written him with a passion and spirituality that surpasses the pages and engages not only your mind but your heart as well. Tamara is equally engaging and clearly is the focus of this novel. She is troubled yet strong, and in the end finds the strength she needs to complete her healing journey.


TAMARA’S SPIRIT is so much more than a love story and because of that the love story is all the more poignant. Watching as Dakota and Tamara find love is deeply satisfying, and TAMARA’S SPRIT is a novel that should not be missed.

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